VMware ESXi – Get VM’s by VLAN ID with PowerCLI

By | May 10, 2016

Often when when working in large environments you’ll get interesting requests. These may be to assist in troubleshooting, auditing, reporting or any other reason.

I was recently requested to provide a list of mac addresses for every VM with a vNIC in a specific vlan.

I had a feeling this was going to be a repeated request (for various vlans) so presented a good opportunity to script it.

Finding a mac address for a particular vm is straightforward;

10-05-2016 12-06-55 AM

and of course, this can be expanded to a  Cluster, Host etc;

9-05-2016 11-53-50 PM

9-05-2016 11-56-31 PM

Getting all the VM’s on a specified VLAN and including the required details is not that straightforward, but certainly not that difficult.  Here’s how I went about it for VLAN ID 2591;

10-05-2016 2-07-06 PM

Note that a blank MacAddress field indicates the VM is simply powered off.


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