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I’ve often been underwhelmed by the performance of the built-in Windows Search utilities, particularly for simple searches like finding filenames containing a specific string.

That led me to search for something better. Years ago I found one that suits my need perfectly, “Everything” by voidtools

After install, it creates a small index and returns results fast. When they say it’s instant, they weren’t exaggerating.

One of the useful options is to enable it on a Web interface (on the port of your choosing) so you can search remotely. Mapped network drives can be indexed also.


What everything doesn’t do is search for strings/content inside files. SO if you were looking for a document with a particular word in it. For this I use grepwin

This allows context search and replaces  as well as the ability to use regex’s.





1 thought on “Useful Search utility – Everything

  1. Filip Hasa

    Hi Brett, great tip. I cannot live without ditto clipboard manager, greenshot – save region/repeat last selection screenshot by key shortcuts to clipboard and folder automatically and RoyalTS (manager of remote connection with automatic key sequences and tasks). Filip – I bought as my first application


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