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EMC VNX hotspare activation & rebuild monitoring with naviseccli

If you’ve ever wondered if you can monitor hotspare disk activities from naviseccli, the answer is yes…. ! As expected you receive your automated email alerts when a system fault occurs, in this case a disk failure (and hopefully a dial-home event was triggered via ESRS)about a disk failure; Using Naviseccli, you can get a more summarized view of what’s… Read more »

vSphere Web client – tweaks & hotkeys

I’m not particularly enamoured with the vSphere web client, but one thing it has encouraged me to do is get more proficient using scripting/shell utilities like PowerCLI. When it was first released, it showed promise. But I, like many others was unimpressed by the lag and general slowness in navigation and getting things done like we were accustomed to using the… Read more »

EMC – Quick Naviseccli commands – Pt1

Whilst most of the time I like Unisphere, sometimes it’s nice to be able to get info about your Array quickly and without having to fight with Java. Naviseccli is great for just that purpose. It’s fast, efficient and you get info you need quickly. Most of these commands will be relevant to series 1 and 2 VNX. Here’s (what… Read more »

EMC RecoverPoint : Error during upgrade “failed to obtain WWN from RPAs”

I have been fortunate enough to be involved in some customer trials of the EMC Deployment Manager upgrade toolkit. Whilst it’s a major enhancement for customers to be able to upgrade their Recoverpoint clusters, it’s not without it’s issues and quirks. During a recent upgrade from v3.5.SP1.P1 to 4.0.SP2.P1 I received an unusual error message during the pre-upgrade System Status Checks; … Read more »

vSphere PowerCLI – Snapshot handling

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Snapshots are cool. We all use them, we all love them. But they can be tedious to manage, and this can lead to them causing issues. Take some care to manage them proactively so they don’t become a monkey on your back. I’ve grown rather fond of managing snapshot functions using PowerCLI. Why? It’s fast, efficient and everything looks cooler… Read more »

How old is your Active Directory Forest ?

Curiosity got the better of me today and I decided I wanted to find out the exact date of when our Active Directory Forest was first installed. It would have to have been waaaay before my time at the company and would obviously have gone through many schema updates and functional level upgrades as DC’s were added and upgraded. The… Read more »