vSphere 6 Release Candidate – Out now (Beta only)

http://blogs.vmware.com/vsphere/2014/10/vsphere-6-0-rc-now-live.html It’s here…or is it. The above link went live and was then pulled, the explanation being that the vSPhere 6.0 RC is available, but ONLY for BETA program members. Regardless, the features and improvements listed are worthy of being posted;   •Quality: Improved overall quality of the product, increased vCenter performance and usability enhancements, greater scale and uptime (1k… Read more »

Shellshock BASH exploit — Vulnerable ?

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 ** Edit,  9th October — Many EMC products now have patches available **   VNX Series1          VNX Series2          XtremIO          VNXe –Get busy !   On the 24th September, a series of CVE (Common Vulnerabilities & Exposure) incidents were published and have gained significant publicity (and rightly so) due… Read more »

EMC Recoverpoint: Automating Cluster Configuration backups

An important (but often neglected) part of any Recoverpoint deployment is to ensure you have regular backups of your cluster configuration. Important for DR, it also serves as a useful reference point for configuration forensics (What changed and when) There are multiple ways to do this, however my preference is to utilize an existing scripting host and Powershell. This allows for… Read more »

EMC VNX: LUN migration & provisioning using NAVISECCLI

Being able to migrate LUNs between Storage Pools or Raid Groups is a useful feature that has been around for a long time. It’s non-disruptive so you can do it anytime, but be careful with the rate. It’s A bit like SVMotion for array side storage ! (even though it predates VMWare of course). It’s also easily executed using Naviseccli…. Read more »

Out now, vSphere 5.5U2

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Hot off the Press ! vSPhere 5.5 Update 2 was made GA. Lots of issues resolved, and a bit of a ‘maintenance release’ imo. vCenter 5.5U2 Release Notes. ESXi 5.5U2 Release Notes. Notable inclusions; Edit Hardware V10 guest settings from the C# Client – Hooray ! And the community breathed a big sigh of relief.          … Read more »

EMC VNX 0x704a: DAE is faulted. Servers may have lost access to disk drives in this enclosure.

Title sounds a bit nasty eh ?! I was confronted with this earlier this week, which was only noticed after logging into Unisphere to do some provisioning tasks.   At this point, I had received no alerts (array side) nor any host issues. More alarmingly, no notifications. Oops. A quick fault check from naviseccli confirmed the alert, but again provided… Read more »

Heads up !! – EMC VNX/VNXe users, keep your Array software up to date

You’ve paid for your maintenance right ? Take advantage of it and keep up to date with your platform versions. Open an SR and schedule EMC to do an upgrade via RCM. They have a whole team who do array upgrades all day everyday. Keep them busy. Why ? Keep on top of fixes and feature updates. Here is the… Read more »

VMware EVO:RAIL : SDDC in a box

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Rumours of the VMware hyper-converged appliance have been riding high for some months under the guise of “Project Marvin”, now official, the details are out about EVO:RAIL VMware EVO:RAlL landing page is here. From the release; VMware EVO: RAIL™ combines compute, networking, and storage resources into a hyper-converged infrastructure appliance to create a simple, easy to deploy, all-in-one solution offered… Read more »

vSphere – “Another task is already in progress..” fix with esxcli

I recently had the ‘pleasure’ of an unresponsive vm that had basically turned into a ZOMBIE ! It could not be restarted, edited, snapshot’d and was of course, unresponsive from an OS perspective (No RDP, ping or comms just totally off the air) Any attempted operation from the vSphere client returned “Another task is already in progress” Similar results from remote… Read more »

PowerCLI for basic vCenter/ESXi config management

Many admins use Host Profiles, vCM, vCOPS and the like to ensure element compliance within their VI inventory.  While these can be fine solutions, many companies do not have the luxury of owning these products. In many cases the targeted use of powerCLI commands across your environment can help to keep things in ‘check’ and help you keep on top… Read more »