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Windows Server 2012 R2- Quick tip: Disable Server Manager Loading on Startup

I try to avoid logging onto┬áserver consoles these days, preferring to do things remotely, via cli, ssh remote PowerShell etc. Somethimes though, you just have to. When I do , I really don’t like waiting for the Server Manager app to load. Rather than wait and close it off each time, I investigated a way to disable the functionality altogether…. Read more »

Quick Tip: Powershell snippet to alert on filesize growth

I had a request from a colleague today whether we could monitor a file and alert him if it grows above a certain size. The context around this request involves an old, legacy process that calls an Access db file and automatically runs some statistics scripts which are then fed into a SQL database. Sounds awful I know, but the… Read more »

Windows Server 2012 R2 – Dedup-orama

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It seems that just about everybody is doing deduplication these days, and rightly so. Storage is expensive and we all need to get more out of less. I’ve used various vendor dedup implementations over the years and generally had good success with them (EMC, Commvault, Dell, DataDomain) but since Microsoft announced dedup in the first release of Server 2012 I… Read more »