Windows Server 2012 R2- Quick tip: Disable Server Manager Loading on Startup

I try to avoid logging onto server consoles these days, preferring to do things remotely, via cli, ssh remote PowerShell etc. Somethimes though, you just have to.

When I do , I really don’t like waiting for the Server Manager app to load. Rather than wait and close it off each time, I investigated a way to disable the functionality altogether.

The boring way is to go to the Server Manager Properties and check the “Do not start Server Manager automatically at logon” checkbox;

23-06-2015 10-07-26 PM

23-06-2015 10-07-41 PM





…..the cool way is to do it remotely, using PowerShell using the “New-ItemProperty” command to add a new Registry key to the HKCU\Software\Microrosft\ServerManager hive called (funnily enough)

” DoNotOpenServerManagerAtLogon”

To do to a single host, run the following one-liner (from the actual host)

23-06-2015 10-21-23 PM

As mentioned, this is a new key, so you can check for it’s existence or successful creation by using the “Get-Item” command;

Before running the New-ItemProperty command;

23-06-2015 10-18-20 PM

After running the New-ItemProperty command;

23-06-2015 10-21-45 PM

Run it remotely using the Invoke-Command cmd; (assuming RMAN is enabled and configured);

23-06-2015 10-32-49 PM

You could apply it to larger numbers of hosts by input filtering via OU, Name, Domain, or by feeding in a list using a For-Each loop.

For example, here I’m going to apply it to all Servers in an OU called “LocalServers” in a domain called “

Whichever way you do it, think of the time, CPU cycles and Memory you save and treat yourself to a coffee.


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