EMC VNX hotspare activation & rebuild monitoring with naviseccli

If you’ve ever wondered if you can monitor hotspare disk activities from naviseccli, the answer is yes…. !

As expected you receive your automated email alerts when a system fault occurs, in this case a disk failure (and hopefully a dial-home event was triggered via ESRS)about a disk failure;


Using Naviseccli, you can get a more summarized view of what’s going on without navigating through the Unisphere interface;

(obvisouly this will return all active faults)


Let’s check for detailed disk info on disk 7 on Bu5 in enclosure 1;


Check that a hot spare is replacing the failed disk; (I¬†output all disk info to a file and then use findstr to search for the pattern, or grep if you’re accessing from a control workstation or linux host)


So we can see hot-sparing is active and replacing for the failed disk 5_1_7

(Before replacing the disk, wait until the hot-spare op completes, which can take considerable time with a NL-SAS disk in a large pool)

The failed disk was then replaced using USM. As can be seen, it’s now a Hitachi, as all the replacements seem to be now.


After the disk is replaced, the state should then ¬†change from Failed to ‘Equalizing’ as shown above indicating the automated copyback process has initiated.

I used to use the -rb switch to get the copyback progress but this only returns ‘unbound’ possible beucase this disk is part of a Storage Pool. This could probably be obtained using diskmon, but I didn’t have this handy at the time. This behaviour was evident also when running directly from the Control Workstation shell.


The familiar “Transitioning” badge in Unisphere;


Once complete, the state will revert back to ‘Enabled’ and the exercise is over !


From Unisphere;


Cool !

Note that for VNX2 this process will be largely different due to the changed hotspare and drive mobility functionality. I’ll cover that process in the future.

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