EMC XtremIO V4.x – Add a Cluster to an existing XMS

The release of XtremIO V4 earlier this year delivered a lot of improvements to an already powerful package.

One of the improvements I have been keen to explore was the ability to manage multiple clusters from a single XMS console.

The benefits I see are obvious… A single management point for multiple clusters, consolidated reporting, and reduced Management footprint (each XMS vm requires 2 x vCPU, 8GB RAM and in my case > 200GB of Storage space.

There wasn’t  a lot of info regarding the process, and I couldn’t find anything in the GUI to accomplish this, but tucked away in the User Guide was the “Add-Cluster” command.

The syntax looked simple..

21-09-2015 8-50-35 PM




add-cluster sc-mgr-host=hostname and an optional force switch

So let’s check out the before;

21-09-2015 8-54-30 PM         21-09-2015 8-53-12 PM

and now let’s run the add-cluster command;

21-09-2015 8-56-12 PM




(be sure to use “” around th sc-mgr-host input, whether you use it’s ip address or fqdn, otherwise it will fail)

..and voila. Done. It literally took just a few seconds. And I can then shutdown and delete the XMS vm that was formerly managing the cluster.

21-09-2015 9-07-50 PM 21-09-2015 9-07-03 PM





21-09-2015 9-18-53 APM

Too easy, and I’m a happy camper. It’s simple, seamless and non-disruptive.

For other details on V4 improvements, check out the great blog by Itzik Reich

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