Dell EMC CloudIQ – VMware integration

     Part Deux !

Following on from my recent look at the CloudIQ mobile version, let’s take a look at a brand new functionality addition to this application.

The same integrations, insights and monitoring are now available for you VMware environment, right in the Cloud IQ console. This allows drillable reporting from front end to back end of your infrastructure.


To get started, log into the Web version of CloudIQ and go to the Collectors section;

Download the OVA. Note I have had trouble with failed checksums from this download, so hit me up if you’d like a link to a known, working copy.

Deploy the OVA as required, you know what to do here.  Now, fire it up and configure. There’s not much to it.

Virtual Center details verified;


Now wait up to 48 hours for the stats to synch. The documentation says 24, but I had squat until 2 days after. Don’t panic.

Once it’s done, you’ll see another “System” in the connectivity section.





Now, when you login you’ll have the VMware insights in various sections. The easiest way to find a resource is using search; (IP address, hostname etc)

Notice also that the search immediately indicates objects with issues and which Array it’s related to

Hosts;                                                                  Datastores (Objects);           


Virtual Machines


Now you’ll get the insights and the other benefits, including forecasting (once enough data is gathered)


Note. You don’t just get details on what is connected to CloudIQ registered devices, it’s anything connected to your Virtual Center.

These are VNX and VPLEX connected hosts, not on CloudIQ.


Cloud IQ really is evolving into a highly useful part of our infrastructure.

Now an API would be nice too !

I hope you invest some time into it also 🙂





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4 thoughts on “Dell EMC CloudIQ – VMware integration

  1. Great article Brett!
    I’ve just begun exploring CloudIQ and was keen to get the Collector vApp installed.
    As you predicted, I ran into the failed checksum issue, error was –
    The checksum(s) from the provided manifest file do not match the content of file(s): cloudiq-1.2.7-808.25.26.ovf

    Could you please provide a link to a known, working copy?


    1. Oh sorry you had that experience Tham. Unfortunately I deleted the working OVA. You should be able to get one by logging an SR. If I can locate one I’ll let you know. Good luck

  2. Tham,

    if you haven’t got that solved already, deploy the .ova directly to an ESXi host rather than to vCenter. Apparently vCenter 6.0 has that as a known issue. If your host is only connected to distributed switches, make sure you have an ephemeral version of the port group too, for network connectivity. Or change it over after.


    1. Thanks for posting Jason 🙂

      Good idea, that I don’t recall trying. Although, I tested the most recent OVA version (1.2.8-862.11) and could successfully deploy from VC and form a standalone host. Hopefully whatever was borked is good now for all.

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