EMC RecoverPoint: Error: Cannot register more than two arrays in RecoverPoint/SE

I was doing a fresh RecoverPoint 4.1 install recently, and everything wet very smoothly up until I attempted to enter the vCenter server details under the “Register vCenter Server” dialog.

History shows this has been a little bit goofy in the past, with the MUI  certs and credential entry known to be stubborn, but usually you can nail it. Not this time.

Every time I entered the credentials, I would get this error; “Error: Cannot register more than two arrays in RecoverPoint/SE.” Of course, I wasn’t trying to. This was a single Array per cluster setup.

5-01-2015 8-02-55 PM







I tried various combinations without success. Domain prefix, UPN….No go.

Google gave me nothing !

Luckily, a search on support.emc.com turned up a KB article.   https://emc–c.na5.visual.force.com/apex/KB_BreakFix_1?id=kA17000000013dv

Environment EMC SW: RecoverPoint SE 4.1.0

EMC SW: RecoverPoint SE
EMC SW: RecoverPoint splitter VNX/CLARiiON

By design, the RP system blocks adding more than one array per RP cluster in RP/SE. Due to a code issue in the 4.1 version, vCenter is counted as an array in the data structures. Therefore, from RPA’s perspective, the user is trying to add another array, although that is not actually the case.

Resolution Workaround:
There is no workaround available for this issue.

Permanent Fix:
This issue is expected to be resolved in the RecoverPoint 4.1.1 (4.1 SP 1) version and is tentatively scheduled for release on 12/16/14. Refer back to this article at that time for updates.

Unfortunately there’s no workaround. While it’s not an important feature, it’s a ‘nice to have’, and had I not found the KB I would have spent far more time scratching my head looking for answers.

At this point, 4.1SP1 has obviously missed the target release date of 16 Dec 2014, but I anticipate it won’t take much longer. 4.1 SP1 should also finally see supported upgrades from 4.x to 4.1x which I know a few people have been waiting for. (See Release notes )

Hopefully, if you come across this error, this post will help you to move on 🙂


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