PowerCLI – What went where ?

I had a nice little episode with a set of PSOD looping hosts in December which resulted in a lot of guests getting moved around automatically during attempted HA recoveries.

This got me thinking about all the automation that goes on ‘behind the scenes’ as a result of DRS and HA. Also when you have multiple admins, do you know if other admins are moving VM’s around outside of policy or guidelines ?

Of course these things are all measurable and easy to check with PowerCLI, by querying the VIEvent stats.

1. Let’s get a list of guests that have vMotion’d because of DRS in a timeframe (alter the (AddDays(-3) ) to limit the lookback scope)

3-12-2014 11-51-06 PM

2.      Get a list of guests that have SVMotion’d   Get a list of guests that have vMotioned because of DRS (alter the (AddDays(-3) ) to limit the lookback scope

3-12-2014 10-25-56 PM

3.       What has HA been doing to my guests ?

3-12-2014 10-53-36 PM

Add these to your Powershell cookbooks, you never know when they might come in useful.

As always, test them, and use caution in your environments.

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