EMC VPLEX, RecoverPoint Warning: Failed to retrieve VPLEX management view

Quick post with a quick VPLEX/RecoverPoint fix. (CL & EX)

During some regular checking, I noticed that a warning had crept into the VPLEX Management console;

7-11-2016-10-58-30-pm   7-11-2016-10-58-41-pm

Quick cluster check showed there were no apparent errors;


Checking RecoverPoint also showed a warning;


There was no issues found, data was still replicating, Journals still ‘journalling’ but alas, cosmetic/display errors can muddy the waters when faced with an actual issue, so I like to ensure consoles are clear and error/warning free.

A quick search on support.emc.com turned up KB458073

The fix was simple. Login to the site control for your RecoverPoint cluster (the Cluster IP address) as an Admin user, and reset the VPLEX splitter credentials with the following commands;

> clear_splitter_login_credentials
> config_splitter_login_credentials

Or alternatively from the RecoverPoint gui, remove the ‘Service’ credentials

RPA Clusters > Splitters > Credentials


Wait for resync….



All good, all green……….Happy days.





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