EMC RecoverPoint : Error during upgrade “failed to obtain WWN from RPAs”

I have been fortunate enough to be involved in some customer trials of the EMC Deployment Manager upgrade toolkit. Whilst it’s a major enhancement for customers to be able to upgrade their Recoverpoint clusters, it’s not without it’s issues and quirks.

During a recent upgrade from v3.5.SP1.P1 to 4.0.SP2.P1 I received an unusual error message during the pre-upgrade System Status Checks; 

“During RecoverPoint/SE installation, Recoverpoint failed to obtain WWN from RPAs <KBox1,KBox2,KBox3,KBox4”

(Note that this is a 4 x node cluster)


This seemed odd, as I had no alerts, had done recent tests, and nothing in any of our Fabric config had changed in quite some time.

A cursory check of the Cluster status in the GUI looked good, all green and WWNs visible;


..as did most of Status checks from the CLI and all SAN connectivity tests

rp4      rppp  rpp4

Since I had a short Change Management window, I logged a SR via our TAM. A short while later I received a note from an engineer advising that it’s a known issue and pointing me to

https://support.emc.com/kb/87909 (customer login required) which looked like a perfect match.


To apply, login as boxmgmt, Go to [2] Setup, [8] Advanced Options, System Internal Operations, then [1] RunScript.

Paste the signed script in and hit enter.


After executing the script on all RPAs, we were all good.

The upgrade then played nicely and version 4.0 SP2 was applied to all cluster nodes, and we now had all the goodness that the new Unisphere for RecoverPoint GUI brings !


 Stay tuned for a future post with step by step instructions for using the Deployment Manager Upgrade kit 🙂





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