[Another] Cisco UCS Quick fix – ECC:Sensor Threshold Crossed

Another UCS issue that came up a while ago, again with an easy fix;

ECC:Sensor Threshold Crossed

Having a skim through the tech support bundle showed they were the good ECC errors, of the “correctable” kind, so replacement of parts was not a likely requirement.

To clear these out, login to one of your FI’s, change the scope according to which of your servers has the error. In my case, its server 3 in chassis 1.

Run the command “reset-all-memory-errors” and then commit. The warning will clear in around 15 seconds.

and we’re all sweet again.

Note the format of the command is applicable to UCSM versions 2.2x and 3.1and B series (blade) servers and C series (rack) servers.

For B and C series on UCSM 2.1, after changing to the server and chassis scope, you must then change scope to the memory array, then DIMM number, then issue the reset-errors command.

So in my case it would have been;

  • scope server 3/1
  • scope memory-array 1
  • scope dimm 2
  • reset-errors



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2 thoughts on “[Another] Cisco UCS Quick fix – ECC:Sensor Threshold Crossed

  1. Error:

    F1237 15-May-2019
    8:29:49 PM health-led-amber health-led
    USSLCSWH2112 sys/chassis-3/blade-7/health-led shows error. Reason: IERR:Sensor Failure Asserted;

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