The following warning greeted me in the Cisco UCS Manager today;

There was no issue on the host (an ESXi 5.5 server) and everything else on the host seemed normal. This was a recently commissioned B200 M4 server.

The running firmware version is 2.25(b).

A search on Quick View showed an entirely consistent match, noted as Cisco Bug: CSCut10525               [Login required]

Seems to have been around for quite some time, even on newer 3.x series firmware.

A nice and easy workaround is shown, simply by resetting the Controller.

Equipment -> Chassis X -> Servers -> Server X -> Inventory -> Storage -> Reset FlexFlash Controller

Having done this in the past (for other reasons) I took the precaution of placing this host into Maintenance Mode, although there was no reboot necessary.

After approx 15 seconds, an FSM task completed and the error was gone.

Host came out of Maintenance mode and everybody lived happily ever after.

Happy Monday !

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