Azure AD Connect Synch Error- Target Attribute Value length exceeds max allowed size.

Like most admins, (So I’m told!), I’ve found the  Azure Active Directory Synch tool spit out some rather random quirky errors from time to time. The synch engine has a long pedigree from Gal synch, FIm etc. Solid, but temperamental.

The dreaded notice in the Office 365 Dashboard;

Today’s verbose error error was “sync-general-failure”. Very helpful, so let’s start digging.

To start the troubleshooting process, open up the Synchronization Service Manager, go into the Operation window and look for any area with errors in the status column. Find the error and double click for details.

“Target Attribute Value length exceeds max allowed size”

So, we’re seeing that a particular object has a custom attribute with a size greater than the allowed size of 448. This was strange as the object had not changed in consoderable time and the attribute length would have been the same also…

In anycase, needs fixing.

Clear the attribute and close ADSIEDIT.

Run a synch < start-adsyncsynccycle > and we’re all good again.


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