Dell EMC Unity – Quick Tip- Be careful with Auto LDAP config

Sometimes you learn things the hard way. I recently had a Unity 550f Array that developed a penchant for a couple of sub-optimal behaviour traits….. Freezing NAS server and SP reboots.

Not often, but these are the sorts of issues that can cause you a lot of grief, in a short period of time.

Numerous analyses of safe-dump, core dumps and every log seemingly under the hood, lead to some Engineering insight pointing to an issue/bug in the code relating to the Automatic LDAP configuration. Seen here;

This is only an option if you are using multi-protocol NAS services and LDAP as a naming service. This is the default option. Effectively this allows the NAS engine to query your directory service for SRV records and cache the results.

My advice. Configure static LDAP DNS servers. This is a 100% confirmed workaround for no lack of functionality, but a lot less grief ! Like so;

I am aware that this functionality/issue is present in 4.4 versions and also 4.5

I’m reliably advised that this will be fixed in an update, but better to be safe than sorry.

Suggestion number 2, check and update the applied LDAP schema. DO this by first retrieving the current schema and reviewing the downloaded ldap.conf file;

Note the line nss_base_netgroup

This is what I changed mine to, for a test.local org.

For nearly every directory service I have seen, this is invalid and may cause errors top be spawned. Simply change it to a valid LDAP container, according to your own directory service.










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