Heads up !! – EMC VNX/VNXe users, keep your Array software up to date

You’ve paid for your maintenance right ? Take advantage of it and keep up to date with your platform versions. Open an SR and schedule EMC to do an upgrade via RCM.

They have a whole team who do array upgrades all day everyday. Keep them busy.

Why ? Keep on top of fixes and feature updates.

Here is the latest table of Target (recommended) releases and Latest (bleeding edge) releases.

2-09-2014 10-44-41 PM

Of particular note/concern is for VNX2 array users who should ensure they are at Release 33.038 or later (full version to avoid the possibility of 3 serious issues;

1. Unscheduled SP reboots after ~80 days of uptime. If the SP’s reboot in close enough proximity to each other, SP cache may fail. Epic heartache will ensue. (ETA 175619)

2. LUNs in block dedup pools may go offline,  LUNs going offline will never keep your “campers” happy.

3. BB Self tests running daily instead of weekly.  No one likes dial-home SPAM and FRU’s going offline.

My personal preference is to keep versions at latest-1 at a minimum (which just so happens to be the Target level), unless an urgent issue is noted. There’s normally no need to stay right on the bleeding edge unless you’re a thrillseeker.

If you’re interested to see adoption rates for particular releases, search for them @ https://support.emc.com/search/?text=adoption%20rates&product_id=12781  (refine by product as required, VNX1 in this link)

Go at it !






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