EMC Elect 2015 – I’m in !

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Today EMC announced the latest inductees into their EMC Elect program. This is a revered accolade in it’s 3rd year.

Read about the program details here.  The qualification process is rigorous and peer reviewed.

You earn your place.

There were 450 nominations, down to 200 finalists, and then only 102 members named.

I’m thrilled and honored to have been named in this group amongst an esteemed group of professionals. With my recent inclusion in the VMware vEXPERT program this makes 2 community themed programs I’m now a member of.

I started publicly blogging and ramped up my involvement on the ECN forums in 2014, and soon began to feel the rewards for effort. “Thank you” tweets and emails when your article helps someone solve a problem, acknowledgement in discussion posts are inspiration to keep giving back.

The first impetus I had for blogging was for my own easily usable reference of the day to day issues I face and solve at the ICT coalface, and it quickly grew into something a lot more. I’m excited share more and learn more along the way.

Here is the full list of inductees, whom I offer my thanks and congratulations and look forward to interacting with your further;

Thank you to Mark Browne & Sean Thulin and the entire program team.

















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