EMC – Self Help Pt2 : SolVe Desktop

** Updated August 2016**

Some good news received today from Kirsty Allen from the SolVe desktop team @ EMC.

SolVe Desktop has now been updated to include some new products;

  • RecoverPoint

  • VNX (1 & 2)

  • VxRail

  • Unity

  • VMAX All Flash

To get them included in your own catalog should just require a re-auth and download the kcf file.The content will be updated to include your authorized products.

17-08-2016 6-27-45 PM

17-08-2016 6-29-29 PM

The current version is also recommended, which is available from this link

While the interface is not the most stylish going around, the content remains both excellent and valuable.


Now for the second (and final) in the “Help yourself” series. Today we’re going to check out SolVe Desktop.

This is a utility you download for procedure generation as well as to get alerts, compatibility documents + for an extensive range of EMC technologies.

It can be downloaded from support.emc.com here or grab all references here

After installing it you need to authorize the content you are entitled to which varies if you are a Customer (like me !) a Partner or even an EMC employee.

7-11-2015 2-53-50 PM

Launch it and accept the licence. You’ll be presented with a dialog asking you to Authenticate to support.emc.com. Click ok, then click on “Not yet authorized for content“, then click on “Authorize and download list of available products“.

Follow the instructions. and you’ll soon be prompted to save a “SolVeDesktop.kcf” file which is your personal authentication token for the content.

7-11-2015 3-50-23 PM

Double click it and in a moment or 2 you’ll have all the content authorized in the application, then clicking on each icon will download the up to date content, and the icons will change. If you download all the content, you’ll need around 4GB.

4-11-2015 10-58-37 PM 4-11-2015 10-59-38 PM

7-11-2015 2-57-09 PM




















Let’s take a look inside the VPLEX area and see about Configuring Authentication. Choose a download location and generate.

7-11-2015 3-57-29 PM  4-11-2015 11-21-07 PM 
4-11-2015 11-21-49 PM  4-11-2015 11-22-09 PM

In a matter of moments, the doc is created and opened in Word. Easy and very detailed. See this link for an example.

7-11-2015 3-47-54 PM

There’s dozens of procedures, documents, articles and other pieces of info to look through. Do yourself a favour, download it and have a look around. It’s very handy 🙂

There are a few glaring omissions from the available products as a customer, VNX, RecoverPoint and XtremIO. These are currently only available to EMC employees and Partners. Hopefully that changes soon.

Coming soon….More TECH Posts !




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