EMC RecoverPoint- Scripting bulk changes to Consistency Groups

It’s always nice to be able to make bulk changes to multiple devices. Most RecoverPoint environments will have a collection of Consistency Groups that could be as much as 128. To change a common configuration for all of them would take waaaay too long for my liking.

A common option to change is the “Managed By” settings for all Consistency Groups. Typically in a VMware environment with SRM, this will be set to have SRM Manage the Consistency Groups.

Like this in the GUI;

25-06-2015 11-06-58 PM     25-06-2015 11-34-0q PM

Note how this prohibits us being able to use any of the standalone RecoverPoint Testing, Fail Over or Recovery processes.

This Powershell script will allow you to check the current configuration of the “External Management” by getting all the Group Settings and then selecting only the “External mgmt:” context details in the Group Policy of the Consistency Groups. This is also an easy way to check Desired configuration state across all your CG’s, by changing  the executed command.

Note: In this environment the CG’s are identified by a common prefix then numeric ID (correlating to a LUN id) you can change the $prefix variable and array string concatenation to suit your environment. plink.exe should be in you path and change the password value as required.

25-06-2015 11-29-20 PM

<< The Result






In this example, I’m going to change all the RPA’s back to being managed by RecoverPoint itself, so all the functions are available in the GUI, for a single CG’

Let’s use an array and a loop to do it cluster wide, with a variation of the”Check” script above, utilizing the “config_external_mgmt” RPCLI command;

25-06-2015 11-31-412 PM

<< Each new line represents a CG being changed successfully.


To verify, let’s run the check script again;

25-06-2015 11-32-77PM

<< Note that the “External mgmt” is now N/A




..and verified from the GUI, with all functionality available.

25-06-2015 11-32-11PM    25-06-2015 11-33-99PM

This is just a small example of the configurations that can be changed, check the CLI Reference Guide for more details.



Happy RecoverPointing !

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