EMC VNX – Self Help using “MyDocs”

I’m a big believer in “helping yourself”. By researching and actually doing things, we learn, grow and become more self-sufficient.

I’ve blogged before about what I sometimes refer to as hidden gems, in particular MiTrend.

There are other tools from EMC that are very useful. The first is My Documents (MyDocs), which is targeted at VNX (1&2) users,  and for everything else, SolVe Desktop. This allows you to download     (and store offline) up to date procedures, kb articles, alerts etc.

Let’s take a  quick look at MyDocs. Go to  https://mydocs.emc.com and click on the VNX link.






It’s immediately apparent that there’s a comprehensive library of admin tasks present.

7-11-2015 2-10-51 PM











Let’s take an example, and try and look at a procedure for attaching a ESXi  5.x host to a VNX 5600 via switched iSCSI and native multi-pathing. Click on the Attach a Server link, and simply tick the checkboxes you want, then NEXT.

7-11-2015 5-47-25 PM












Review your request, select the document to attach and NEXT.

7-11-2015 2-18-44 PM






…and it’s ready for download via the link. (Leave some feedback if you’re inclined, helps to encourage release of further tools)

7-11-2015 2-18-44 PM






The documents are thorough, and accurate, see this link for an example.

I would like to see more content in this format, XtremIO and RecoverPoint in particular.

Next Up, creating published content via SolVeDesktop.




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