PowerCLI for basic vCenter/ESXi config management

Many admins use Host Profiles, vCM, vCOPS and the like to ensure element compliance within their VI inventory.  While these can be fine solutions, many companies do not have the luxury of owning these products. In many cases the targeted use of powerCLI commands across your environment can help to keep things in ‘check’ and… Read More »

EMC VNX hotspare activation & rebuild monitoring with naviseccli

If you’ve ever wondered if you can monitor hotspare disk activities from naviseccli, the answer is yes…. ! As expected you receive your automated email alerts when a system fault occurs, in this case a disk failure (and hopefully a dial-home event was triggered via ESRS)about a disk failure; Using Naviseccli, you can get a… Read More »

EMC RecoverPoint : Error during upgrade “failed to obtain WWN from RPAs”

I have been fortunate enough to be involved in some customer trials of the EMC Deployment Manager upgrade toolkit. Whilst it’s a major enhancement for customers to be able to upgrade their Recoverpoint clusters, it’s not without it’s issues and quirks. During a recent upgrade from v3.5.SP1.P1 to 4.0.SP2.P1 I received an unusual error message during… Read More »

In the beginning…

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, but life has found a way to keep me busy 🙂 After numerous years in all sorts of tech roles, across all sorts of industries, I want to (in my own small way) “Pay Forward”. I plan on sharing a mix of technical tips, experiences (good &… Read More »