EMC RecoverPoint : Automated Protection Window Summary

One thing that is often overlooked after a RecoverPoint solution is implemented is the ongoing Protection Window value for your Consistency Groups.  During the design phase, the Journal sizes are (hopefully) diligently and accurately calculated according to your RPO.

But as time goes by, how many people actually check that the projected Protection Windows are in fact correct ? If they are underspec’d, your RPO’s may well be hosed.

It’s easy to check manually in Unisphere. Expand the Consistency Group, the Replica Copy then in the Journal TAB;

23-11-2015 9-47-45 PM







But even for a small amount of Groups, collating that info is going to be tedious. Of course this information can also be shown using the get_group_statistcs command;

23-11-2015 9-56-33 PM








But it’s buried deep amongst other stats and not easy to collate, due to the scattered nature of the output.

But why not script @ automate it and have the details for every Consistency Group emailed to you ? That’d be Cool….. PowerShell to the rescue.

So here it is. You’ll need plink in the working directory.

and here’s what the email looks like;

26-11-2015 10-48-34 PM









Add it as a task schedule and your set.

My next challenge is to format it according to some SLA thresholds and save as a webpage for monitoring. Sounds like fun, stay tuned.




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