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VMware PowerCLI – Suppress vCenter Certificate warnings

A very quick post this one, but an annoying thing I often see left unchecked in environments, that is simple to fix in a minute. Yes, this is an old topic, but it’s still too evident today…. This should be in your “just do it” category. It’s the awful Certificate warning displayed in your Powershell session when you connect to… Read more »

EMC RecoverPoint: Error: Cannot register more than two arrays in RecoverPoint/SE

I was doing a fresh RecoverPoint 4.1 install recently, and everything wet very smoothly up until I attempted to enter the vCenter server details under the “Register vCenter Server” dialog. History shows this has been a little bit goofy in the past, with the MUI  certs and credential entry known to be stubborn, but usually you can nail it. Not… Read more »

PowerCLI – What went where ?

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I had a nice little episode with a set of PSOD looping hosts in December which resulted in a lot of guests getting moved around automatically during attempted HA recoveries. This got me thinking about all the automation that goes on ‘behind the scenes’ as a result of DRS and HA. Also when you have multiple admins, do you know if… Read more »

Auto ESXi Host Configuration Backups with PowerCLI

Regularly throughout the year, I like to take PIT (Point in Time) backups of my ESXi host configurations. These form part of my Critical Config backups that I hope I’ll never have to use. But like any backup, these are merely another safety net as we strive to have more resilient systems. With the calendar year now drawing to a… Read more »

PowerCLI – Break glass in case of emergency

Nothing like a bit of Hyperbole, but some days are better than others! One thing I have learned over the years is to always expect the unexpected. Yesterday’s ‘unexpected‘ was one of these;               That’s cool, HA kicked in and the stranded guests began to restart as expected. Not great, but it had done it’s… Read more »

VAAI- Hear me now, believe me later

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VAAI (vStorage API for Array Integration) was first introduced into vSphere in v4.1 with promises of deeper integration and control over supported storage Arrays.  Each feature (or Primitve) was designed to help us gain benefits from our Arrays. Vendors who didn’t support VAAI were frowned upon and those delivering on it heralded. These Primitives can be summarized in the table below;… Read more »

VMware ESXi CBT Bug – Your data may be at risk

Changed Block Tracking (CBT) is a great feature introduced in ESXi 4.0, that effectively brought incremental backup technology to our virtual machines. Third parties were able to leverage this so backups would only require the processing of blocks that have changed rather than all blocks. This saved inordinate amounts of time, data and effort while allowing vendors to support flexible backup… Read more »

EMC Recoverpoint+VMware SRM – ‘discover Arrays’ failed.

I noticed this little gem today whilst in the process of adjusting some SRM documentation and grabbing some screenshots;                 I hadn’t received any alerts so didn’t think it was a major issue, but sounded like it’s the sort of error that may be annoying during execution of a Recovery plan. In any case red is bad… Read more »

vSphere 6 Release Candidate – Out now (Beta only) It’s here…or is it. The above link went live and was then pulled, the explanation being that the vSPhere 6.0 RC is available, but ONLY for BETA program members. Regardless, the features and improvements listed are worthy of being posted;   •Quality: Improved overall quality of the product, increased vCenter performance and usability enhancements, greater scale and uptime (1k… Read more »

Shellshock BASH exploit — Vulnerable ?

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 ** Edit,  9th October — Many EMC products now have patches available **   VNX Series1          VNX Series2          XtremIO          VNXe –Get busy !   On the 24th September, a series of CVE (Common Vulnerabilities & Exposure) incidents were published and have gained significant publicity (and rightly so) due… Read more »