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EMC VNX – Self Help using “MyDocs”

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I’m a big believer in “helping yourself”. By researching and actually doing things, we learn, grow and become more self-sufficient. I’ve blogged before about what I sometimes refer to as hidden gems, in particular MiTrend. There are other tools from EMC that are very useful. The first is My Documents (MyDocs), which is targeted at VNX (1&2) users,  and for… Read more »

EMC debuts the VNXe1600

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I rarely post articles with a marketing slant, but have allowed myself an exception here to ease back into writing after a short hiatus, and this looks like a product I could find some good use cases for 🙂 EMC have recently released a new member to the VNX/e family, the VNXe1600.   Clearly aimed at the smaller end of… Read more »

EMC- March Product Update roundup: VNX, VNX2, NaviSECCLI, RecoverPoint, USM

It’s been a busy month for software updates @ EMC. If you subscribe to the various product bulletins, you’d have seen this info, otherwise, READ on ! VNX1 https://support.emc.com/products/12781_VNX1-Series Updated Navisphere CLI (naviseccli), Unisphere Service Manager (USM), Unisphere Host Agent VNX2 https://support.emc.com/products/36656_VNX2-Series Updated Navisphere CLI (naviseccli), Unisphere Service Manager (USM), Unisphere Host Agent New Block OE and File Versions /″… Read more »

Heads up !! – EMC VNX/VNXe users, keep your Array software up to date

You’ve paid for your maintenance right ? Take advantage of it and keep up to date with your platform versions. Open an SR and schedule EMC to do an upgrade via RCM. They have a whole team who do array upgrades all day everyday. Keep them busy. Why ? Keep on top of fixes and feature updates. Here is the… Read more »