EMC- March Product Update roundup: VNX, VNX2, NaviSECCLI, RecoverPoint, USM

It’s been a busy month for software updates @ EMC. If you subscribe to the various product bulletins, you’d have seen this info, otherwise, READ on !

VNX1 https://support.emc.com/products/12781_VNX1-Series

  • Updated Navisphere CLI (naviseccli), Unisphere Service Manager (USM), Unisphere Host Agent

VNX2 https://support.emc.com/products/36656_VNX2-Series

  • Updated Navisphere CLI (naviseccli), Unisphere Service Manager (USM), Unisphere Host Agent
  • New Block OE and File Versions /″
Release note highlights;
  • Dedup continues to get updates, including being able to force a pool level dedup session. Ownership of deduplicated Pool LUNs (sp) is enhanced.  Is dedup ready for prime-time yet ? I’m not so sure. When time permits, we’ll eval again.
  • FAST Cache and MCC Performance: DRAM promotion avoidance and improved MCC cache performance for small iSCSI i/o sizes.
  • JAVA version compatibility:  If we’re stuck having to use Java (for now) upgrades are supported (client side) to Oracle Standard Edition 1.7 up to Update 75 & Oracle Standard Edition 1.8 up to Update 25  (note 32 bit JRE is required).

Check the full release notes here 

RecoverPoint https://support.emc.com/products/1249_RecoverPoint-SE

  • RecoverPoint SE Upgrade/Deployment Kit

My Picks:

Eval, Read the Release notes, and schedule your Change Control in 3….2….

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